What to Expect


The Programme Director will visit you for a 45 mins-1 hour session

If selected for the programme we will ask you to start working on two songs of your choice – these songs will be the ones you will perform at the Finals.  At the assessment visit we will use one of the songs as the basis of the session.  At this stage the song does not have to be perfect or complete, but in a good enough shape that the group are able to sing all (or part of) it.

This assessment visit will not necessarily focus on a cappella skills but, instead, through games/exercises, we will look at:

  • Pitch

  • Ability to follow dynamics

  • Ability to listen to others

  • Rhythm

  • Movement

  • Willingness of the group to get involved and learn


The session will be fun and interactive and an opportunity for us to get to know you and for you to see how we work and what the programme is all about.

After the assessment visit we will give you an opportunity to make a decision about whether or not you wish to proceed with the programme.


This 2.5 hour workshop would take place at a time fixed between the group and the tutor at your school or rehearsal venue – during the school day, after school or at weekends! We will be as flexible as we can!

Our tutors are all experts in the field of a cappella/vocal percussion and perform themselves.  Their job is to pass as much knowledge to your group as possible in a fun and interactive way!  At this stage you would need to make sure that the work on your two chosen songs is well advanced as focus on these will form the basis of the workshop.

The outline of the workshops will be as follows:

  • Arrival/introduction/explain the purpose of the workshop

  • Some fun physical and vocal warm ups

  • Introduction to a cappella

  • Work on two songs already prepared alongside the music teacher/adult leader

  • Introduction to vocal percussion

  • Final thoughts/recommendations 



Three Regional Finals will be held and, on application, you can choose which you would like to attend. At the Final you will perform both of your prepared songs (one in the first half/one in the second) alongside the other groups.  Our panel of judges will select a top three - those top three will go forward to perform at the Grand Final.  Whilst the Regional Final is a competition, the real opportunity is that all groups get to perform their chosen songs in front of a full house of supporters, our tutors and the judges. 

The Regional Final will take place in the evening but the group will need to ensure they are available during the day to attend the theatre and sound check/rehearse.


The successful 12 groups from the Regional Finals (3 from each) will go on to the Grand Final at the Cadogan Hall.  The groups will perform their two songs again and our panel of industry experts and judges will then choose the Jack Petchey Perfect Pitch Champions sharing in a £1000 prize pot.

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